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Some heartaching/warming words for you. Taken from...

Act 4 of YWAM » "Into the Deep"

What would you want if you had everything? If you know so well to take & everyone is willing to give. What happens when you think you have everything? You take them for granted & don't value a thing. It's the moment you start falling..


I've never had hard times in my life. It has always been easy. A path with no concern, no pain, no sorrow. I have been given so much but I never realized how lucky I was.


I used to be so good with words, but what can I say now? What can I say to make him feel better?


I have never wanted so badly for someone to be happy.


"Don't deny it! I know you love him!" That didn't matter anymore, did it? There she stood, claiming something I wanted the most..


If you are strong enough to carry love, you are strong enough to put it down again.


I almost forgot how beautiful & clear your eyes are..how my lungs fill with air everytime you smile


I can't fight this any longer. The moment you put my struggle in your warm embrace, I fall in love with you once again.


You notice but you are afraid to believe what you're thinking right now & you want me to deny it for you.


He doesn't even realize it but he's killing you.


You'll be happy when the one you love is happy, so they say. Those empty words I never wanted to believe. I'm not happy now, so why am I doing this? Why do I keep falling deeper and deeper?

Act 5 » "His Silent Tears."

"But Suoh, how can he tell you something if you keep running away?" "I don't want to talk when they're there! They are all over him. There's no space for me between them. I can't go through.


"Why do you like guys anyway? They can be so silly sometimes!"

"Let's see, if all guys were like that friend of yours I'd be straight all the way."

"You didn't answer the question!"

"Stand up."


"Averagely, they are taller than the ladies, I have less neck problems when we kiss."


"Can't you give a proper answer!?"

"But Kenichi, I don't have an answer."

"You don't?"

"You don't exactly know why you like someone. When you realize that you do, you've already devoted yourself to his happiness."

"You're talking about love, aren't you? Yours must be wonderful."

"I need to pack before I kiss you by force." » I like this..=_=


Dont' do this Kenichi..don't. It's hopeless. He'll never understand the weight of distance, my yearning for him to be near.

I've never seen Ethan like this before. He was always smiling at me, cheering me on.

"Do what you think is best."

Even his voice sounds sad & unfamiliar. Am I hurting him? Will he hate me? No!

"NO! Don't hate me! Don't turn your back on me! Ethan!"


What am I to you Kenichi? Where am I in your lost heart? Am I really that important? I have to know. If I break your trust in me, will there be anything left?

Minutes ago you said you wanted to make me happy. Now you can't even look me in the eyes.


I don't want to lose you. You're the only one who understands, who never left me alone.

You've been giving me much for so long, your attention, your support, your embrace. I should've known. It felt to warm to be only kindness. I was so spoiled by you, I even used you for my needs. I only see myself in you consolation. I've never seen you, never knew how it felt. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Love is painful to begin with. If I need you more than I need anyone else, is it love? If I miss you when you're not there, is it love? Or is it just me yearning for comfort?


Leave me alone. I'm not here! I don't want to be here!! Why can't I just disappear?


Is this the real face behind your friendly mask?


You were right. There's nothing I can do. I'm just here, drowning, in the deep sadness of silence. Your tears..

Act 6 » "Your Jealous Sky"

No! I'm not that strong. If you come out, if you're going to be kind like you always are, I'll find myself dreaming again.


I'm on the verge of breaking but I'm not fooling myself anymore. I feel so stupid & ridiculous but you know what? I'm still happy to see you. And I've always wanted to tell you everything.


Don't come after me! Don't say anything. I knew it. I thought I was prepared but it still hurts so much.


She didn't love me enough to mourn for me and I didn't love her enough to make her stay.


Quotes in bold are the ones I really like and the ones in italics are nice. YWAM © Aoi Hayashi


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